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Meet the Team

We are a group of talented and hardworking young professionals that are persistent about providing on quality results for our customers.

Chief Happiness Officer

Bob’s a domain expert, having spent the last 10 years mostly in that corner of the Interwebs. He brings a vast network of domain resources and connections into the IM space. With hundreds of premium and generic domain names available for in-house use, he has plans to keep busy for many years.

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Montoya has been an Internet Marketer for over seven years. Having spent well over 10,000 hours mastering SEO, he’s very experienced in building SEO and content optimized websites. Greg started his digital marketing career as a web developer working with locally based clients.

More about Bob

He’s passionate about building websites and SEO. He’s laser focused on building a company that’s making a difference in the lives of our employees and clients. Our Employee Feedback proves that it works when your heart and mind are aligned with the needs of your employees and clients.

When he’s not busy growing imPowered or working on mutually beneficial joint ventures, he can be found somewhere in the sky, flying 747’s all over the world. Or just happily digging his toes into the sand in Dana Point or San Clemente with his awesome wife Trudie.

More about Greg

He’s helped clients rank for 1000’s of first page keywords. Past clients have included reality TV stars, lawyers, surfboard brands and many others.

He was recently invited by a prestigious SEO marketer to speak at a private mastermind to discuss the latest best practices for link building and on page content writing. With a strong network of SEO’s, he debates the latest algorithm changes and many of the important and changing ranking factors on a daily basis.

He has an unstoppable drive to impower  the lives of his team members. He continuously trains them on cutting edge SEO tactics. With Greg in charge of the company’s SEO strategies, imPowered will continue to grow and provide exceptional results.

When he isn’t optimizing an SEO strategy or diving deep into analytics, you can find him driving up and down the Southern California coast in his truck, from Huntington Beach to Oceanside, searching for the perfect beach day.

Admin Department

Director of Operations

About Maricel

An SEO Specialist and WordPress Manager. A woman with a huge heart for the CATS! She adored felines and loved them ever since the world began. She’s bubbly, easy to go with and can be a good companion to everyone. She highly values a family first policy. Impulsive. A Risk Taker!

Admin Staff

About Jasmin

Jasmin is a loving wife and mother. She is simple and easy to get along with. Watching sci-fi and horror movies is her favorite pastime activity. She’s the perfect comfort zone, and always put God in the center of everything.

Web Dev Department

Web Dev Team Leader

About Bobby

Bobby is a web developer and software programmer. He likes to draw, play guitar and watch anime. He originally desired to be a CPA, but found his true passion in coding. He enjoys editing and coding different websites and applications. He’s glad for his second life and being a Christian, and dedicates his life for God’s glory.

Victor Rey
Web Developer

About Victor

Victor is a web developer. He plays online games and watches anime. He’s a quiet person but a good listener.

Web Developer

About Jay-Al

Jay is a front end web developer, create clean, professional, functional websites. Passionate about web design.

Web Developer

About Marvin

Marvin is a web developer who loves learning new things and playing online games. He has his own zone at work. Bear with him if he can’t hear you when he’s in his zone. That’s just how focused he is when working with codes. He also likes to solve first-time encountered problems.

Digital Marketing Department

Digital Marketing Staff

About Clyde

Clyde is neither Gandhi nor Buddha, but his optimistic views create positive vibes with the people around him. Aside from being a ray of sunshine, Clyde loves to try new things and dream of traveling around the world.  He’s a humble, passionate, and caring person. Above all, he considers his family as his greatest source of inspiration.

Digital Marketing Staff

About Florimae

She’s a woman with a big heart. Loyalty is very important to her and she takes her word for it. She’s compassionate and considerate to the people around her.

Digital Marketing Trainee

About Ariel

Ariel Acha is a stray finding its way to the city. Believes that passion is a calling and a choice and currently seeking it. Loves coding, a frustrated photographer, graphic artist? might be and is an enthusiast of traveling.

Content Department

Content Team Leader

About Julia

Julia is a content writer who writes random things. Writing keeps her thoughts and feelings in place. She’s a humanist who loves reading, writing random poems, watching movies and traveling. Whenever she’s able, she updates herself with random discoveries about the world.

Rose Cherry
Content Writer

About Rose Cherry

Just another free spirit, floating around, trying to make sense of entropy and its intricacies. Find her between the lines.